Win at blackjack in online casinos in Nigeria

Win at blackjack in online casinos in Nigeria

As with any card game you may choose to play in online casinos in Nigeria, your chances of winning at blackjack depend on the cards you are dealt. However, there are also several strategies you can use to improve your odds of walking away with a few good wins. Take a look at these tips.

Look for games with liberal playing rules

This is a pro tip widely used in actual casinos, but it applies online too. Look for games with the most liberal playing rules. Play on virtual tables with a 3-2 pay-out for blackjack and steer clear of those with a 6-5 pay-out or worse. Also, look for games where you can double down on two cards or where doubling is allowed after splitting a pair. 

Get familiar with basic playing strategy

Blackjack is not just guesswork. There is a strategic and mathematical way to play each hand you are dealt. The basic playing strategy is a mathematically devised system devised to help players reduce the house edge as much as possible. It’s completely legal and makes the game much more enjoyable.

Don’t watch other players

If you are involved in a multi-player game, forget about what other players are doing. Your decisions and chances of winning have nothing to do with how others are playing. Just stick to your fundamental strategy.

Remember there are no such things as winning or losing streaks

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are on a winning streak after winning several hands. On the other hand, don’t feel that you are on a losing streak just because you have lost your five most recent hands. These patterns don’t really exist. Chance is a major player in the game, and every new hand wipes the slate clean.

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Author: Ian May