When to re-raise or fold in online casinos in Nigeria

When to re-raise or fold in online casinos in Nigeria

Are you looking to improve your poker game at your favourite online casino in Nigeria? Here’s a great tip for you. One of the most important things in poker is your approach to betting. In particular, you need to know when to re-raise or fold. 

When should you re-raise

A re-raise is not simply a part of the betting process. It is a handy tool that you can use to win hands. A re-raise sends a certain message to the rest of the players – it tells your opponents that you have a strong hand – that you’re confident. It’s an aggressive move that increases both the risk and possible reward. 

Basically, you should re-raise when you would like to force other players to back down and fold. This could be the case if you have a really powerful or if you’re bluffing and you think you have a good chance of your bluff paying off. It’s easy in the first case – if your hand is good, you can proceed with confidence. It’s trickier in the second situation. A bluff is always a major risk. Trust your instinct here – you can’t see your opponents’ faces so it’s very difficult to tell if they’re playing confidently or not. This can work to your advantage as well, however. 

When should you fold?

The flipside of the above point is that, if you can’t read your opponents, bluffing becomes much riskier. If your cards are not good and your opponents keep raising, there’s a good chance that someone has a good hand. Rather don’t re-raise under these circumstances. 

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Author: Ian May