Tips for roulette tournaments in online casinos in Nigeria

You may not be able to visit your favourite casino right now, but you can still play your favourite games in online casinos in Nigeria. If you’re a roulette lover, here are some great tips to come out on top in an online roulette tournament.

Vary your bet sizes strategically

Watch the leader boards tracking you and your fellow players as you stand in the chip count. They will tell you when to wager more or less. Start conservatively but, as you advance through the game and become more confident, you will get a feel for the direction the game is going. For example, if you are two spins from the end of a 10-spin single round event, holding 70 chips while the leader holds 300 chips in a winner-takes-all format, you should make risky inside bets in order to pull ahead.

Learn when to make inside and outside wagers

There are basically two kinds of bets in roulette: riskier ones, which are known as inside bets; and outsiders, which have stronger odds but smaller payouts. You should strategically switch between these depending on where you are in the game. Use outside bets near the beginning of the game and when you’re in the lead. Play inside bets when you are trying to catch up in the middle or near the end of the tournament. 

Forget about trend betting

The idea that past results affect future outcomes is known as the gambler’s fallacy. Tracking previous results is not a strategy for planning future bets. The real strategy comes from knowing when to make inside or outside bets and how and when to vary your bet sizes. 

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Author: Ian May