The Best Hotels to Book for Taste of Abuja 2020

Abuja’s biggest culinary event is back for its 2020 edition in April. The event will take you on a journey through the exciting flavours and textures of Nigeria, celebrating the multicultural capital city with an explosion of tastes and aromas to tempt and impress even the most difficult-to-please gourmands and food critics. In between sampling the dishes, you can also make the most of the hotels, sights, sounds, clubs and casinos in Abuja.

A Culinary and Educational Experience

At the Taste of Abuja, to be hosted at the International Trade and Convention Centre, you can sample and enjoy the many different foods that Nigerians eat, getting a thorough gastronomic tour of the country’s many cultures. You can also learn about the various processes and methods – both traditional and contemporary – that Nigerians use in their cuisine. Meats, vegetables, wines, pastries, confectionary and more will all be on offer.

It is a family event. So, there is also a range of activities on offer for the kids, including games and a dancing competition. In the evenings, comedy and music performances are also on offer.

The Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Abuja is filled with great hotels that can host you during the Taste of Abuja. Why not go for the best of the best? The Sheraton Abuja Hotel is found on Ladi Kwali Way, Maitiama. This beautiful hotel is packed to the brink with amenities, and its central location allows it to be the perfect staging point for all sightseeing excursions and more adventurous activities. 

Author: Ian May